Big cat in Pench National Park posing

“Keep peace with the Lords of the Jungle – the Tiger, the Panther, and Bear;
And trouble not Hathi the Silent, and mock not the Boar in his lair.”
~ Rudyard Kipling.

Rudyard Kipling is known for his fiction work about animals in the Jungle and his books on the Jungle (forest). The Jungle Book is one of the very famous books amongst all because of the fictional character Mowgli. Mowgli a small kid who happened to be gotten away from mankind and ends up in the Jungle and he was brought up by a group of animals. The story of Mowgli is said to be inspired by Pench National Park which is situated in Seoni and Chhindwara districts of Madhya Pradesh in India and shares the border with Maharashtra state.

The national park is home to a great variety of wildlife including Bengal Tigers, Chital, Jungle Cat, Wolf, Indian Leopard, Gaur, Four-horned Antelope, Sloth Bear, and many more. Also, a great variety of birds like Crow Pheasant, Peafowl, Pintail, Lesser Whistling Teal, Indian Roller, Wagtail, Munia, Waterfowl, Blue Kingfisher, Crimson-breasted Barbet, Red-Vented Bulbul are found here. Trees like Mahua, White Kulu, Salai, Saja, Bijiyasal, Dhaora, Amaltas dominate this land. Pench national park is also known as Pench Tiger Reserve is a special attraction for Tigers’ spotting.

As the law of the Jungle goes by do make peace with Tigers. Tigers are the most interesting and beautiful wild creatures. India is a home for royal Bengal tigers. Bengal tigers have a distinctive black and orange stripes on their body which help them camouflage while hunting the prey. The reddish-orange stripes on the forehead, heavy growth of fur around the neck & jaws and long whiskers of tigers may hold you spellbound. The length of the Bengal tigers varies from 4.8 to 9.5 feet (1.5 to 2.9 meters) and they can weigh up to 300 kgs (660 lbs). Now, you can imagine how strong these big cats would be. The strongest part of tigers is their paws. Forepaws of tigers are so powerful that a swipe is enough to smash a buffalo’s skull.

Big cat in Pench National Park posing

Camouflaged Tiger
A Camouflaged Tiger preparing an ambush

Is there any way to witness endangered big cats?

Yes. There is a team that can make this journey hassle-free. They lead us to discover the silence of the woods, the beauty of the birds, the fierceness of the beasts, and all that we rarely experience in our daily lives.

The Jungle Trail gives you :
1) Visit Pench, one of the best places for Jungle Safari in India also known as “The Land of Mowgli”.
2) A mouthful Combination of 5, 3, 2 safaris.
3) Customized tour plan for a group of minimum 10 people.
4) Discount on group booking.
5) Half Day Nagpur Sightseeing (Few of the most famous places to be visited)

The Jungle Trail safari includes:
1) Nagpur – Pench – Nagpur travel by AC Car/Bus.
2) Stay in Resort with Facilities like Swimming Pool, A/C rooms, Indoor games to name a few.
3) Meals – (Veg /non-Veg) Breakfast,Lunch, Dinner & Tea.
4) Mineral water during travel from Nagpur-Pench-Nagpur.
5) Gypsy Safari, Entry Fees, Guide Charges.

Following are the exclusions:
1) Train/Road/Airfares To and From Nagpur.
2) Water during Safaris.
2) Any other expenses of Personal Nature are not included above.

Get in touch with the below-given contacts to get a customized itinerary as per your requirements.

Contact 1:

Phone(Whatsapp): 9425412741

Contact 2:

Call or Whatsapp: 9021635830, 9921431839
Instagram : abhishek_m_pathak

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